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Concerning the 2nd District interim School Board vote

First, the League of Women Voters wants to express its appreciation to the several men and women who placed themselves in contention for the District 2 board of education interim position. All but two of the eight people who volunteered to be considered were women, and in a region where we do not enjoy many female political leaders, that alone was remarkable.

Then at the forum co-sponsored by the League and KCEA at Gresham Middle School on August 14, all but one woman attended and showed themselves to be passionate about our schools, either as parents or retired educators; to be well-informed about many of the problems facing our school district; and to be open to learning about matters to come before the board, but without a particular political agenda.

We are dismayed that not one of the women who was interested in the position was given serious consideration by our county commissioners. As well, we regret that the wishes of the only female commissioner, Amy Broyles, who knows the district the best and had worked hard to determine the choice of many constituents, were completely ignored by the majority.

While we respect the rights of each commissioner to vote his own conscience, we are concerned about the appearance of an old-boy-network that looks after their own rather than thinking of what is best for our schools. Surely our students, their parents, and our teachers deserve better than this.

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